HealtY choices

Gold Coast vending solutions provides our clients with the option of fresh food vending machines. With the range of choices available our clients are able to choose and select the products they wish to have stocked inside our machines, which includes  healthy and nutritious snacks and drinks.

The choices are endless, the range of products which we stock range from popcorn, gluten free chips, natural bars, reduced fat cheese and crackers and more. With these choices we are able to present our clients with a Healthy Food Program which translate through to staff and team members.

Vending Machine Healthy Food

At Gold Coast vending solutions we work closely with your staff and customers to evaluate what’s best suited for them, as we acknowledge their needs in daily dietary.

You can feel confident knowing that all the products offered in our vending machines comply with government health regulations. Providing a healthier alternatives to growing demand for nutritious products in schools, gyms, offices and factories.